Experience the Uniqueness of Lakeside Sahiti Sunsets
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Experiences are forever

Timeless Memories Await

Nestled along the lakeshore, relish in breathtaking sunsets, cityscapes, and mountain panoramas that etch themselves into your heart forever.

We only remember the moments…

Discover an unparalleled venue where nature’s beauty and your special moments merge.

Tailored Libations - Craft your perfect event with customizable drink packages that cater to your guests' tastes.


Culinary Personalization - Indulge in unique culinary experiences through customized menus or collaborate with local vendors for a feast that delights.

Premier Amenities - Immerse yourself in luxury with access to our pool, clubhouse center, and complimentary WiFi, ensuring every moment is memorable.

Your Unique Setting - Create an event as unique as you are with custom venue packages designed to match your vision and requirements.

Creating Memories by the Lake

California style with its stunning lake views and sky views are pure Sahiti Sunsets Hill. Set on a picturesque rise slightly apart from the rest of the city, its drama and simplicity have made it an unforgettable backdrop for life’s most important celebrations.

10,000 Sq Ft 10-100 person

Secure the date for your fairytale union amidst the enchanting ambiance of Lakeside Sahiti Sunsets.

10,000 Sq Ft 20-100 person

Occasions - Weddings, Baby and Bridal Showers, Corporate Gatherings, Holiday Festivities, Retirement Celebrations, Fundr

10,000 Sq Ft 10-100 person

Elevate your birthday festivities by reserving a truly memorable celebration at Lakeside Sahiti Sunsets.

A Glimpse of Perfection: Lakeside Sahiti Sunsets

Peek into a world of impeccable beauty, where your event dreams become reality.